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I'm talking to you dead wood

I think so, young people have some sympathy for him. Sat down beside him, the Road I called Autumn capacity, what is it? Hey, I'm talking to you dead wood, the look will be the soup you or satisfactorily the autumn capacity grumbling a long while, have not seen the mbt shoes sale other answer, rolled his black and white angry eyes, the air at the moment filled with mountain not consciously smell of chicken soup, saliva secretion, got up and head out to go, to Zaojian open the lid, hot air blowing, smell the smell.
Unfortunately, ah, green onion, salt Fortunately there. Dirty hands into his arms, pulled out a small paper-packed, and caught a few grains of salt thrown into the pot and stir together stir together. Broth not timberland boots for women afraid of hot first squeak slipped drink a bowl, this bowl full of the mountain chicken into the house that she used coarse earthenware bowl Sheng. Can not say I'm ungrateful, that I stabbed, and also the value of the money of a roast chicken, you saved me, now I ask you to eat pheasant, anyway, are chicken Well, do not owe you can be considered. Having said rattle as soon the bowl on the side of the red man.
Finally opened his eyes, looked down at nike hi tops village which once uttered a few wolves, often children out the door went missing a few days later. found in mountain trees hollowed out the corpses of the internal organs guy who went out to work, they taste a cross things not broke his leg is broke the waist, the people of this village, please bit will be looking at things Taoist. This approach, and I find the evildoer, is the end of the village Hu maiden youngest son Andy. The village superstition The North Face they together with the village head possidetis et al, Total Total, when he was seven Boa rack of firewood burned this evildoer.
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