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I gave him pointed in your direction

Yellow Colombian goods, but the highest purity. Seize the opportunity came three people around squat, smiling asked. Now even if do not want to say, barely moved his arm towards extending the thumb. This means natural Needless to say, the is praised goods. Gently patted the shoulder, want cargo directly came here I said later, when I was not three of them will. Said, and pointed to the three women. Barely nodded his head, closed his eyes slowly, just feels really wonderful is difficult to North Face Outlet describe, he still savoring the wonderful feeling just kind SOUL. After a long pause, three of them before from the ground up, with say goodbye, and then out of the home, the car returned to North Face Outlet. How such a long time? North Face Outlet start the car and asked you just left, sellers of wrong when the buyer, I gave him pointed in your direction, do not find you? Found, is to buy him. Said softly.
Then how come back so late? North Face Outlet while driving asked, since he is a sellers, the nest should be in here son! Opened his mouth, but did not say anything out. Said dismissively we bought him a white powder, brought heroin to suck. What? You suck? North Face Outlet one foot on the brake, the car Rattlers stop, North Face Outlet turned and looked and said, how is it? Immediately what happened there to say it again, the end he asked, since this is the rule, we can not be destroyed, to be otherwise, and also how to buy from there? Shit rules North Face Outlet angrily this, bullying, you do not understand it!

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