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Little cool, you pick hotel now! Li Shuang hear, laughed and said, East Brother, I like this! Chapter XI Li Shuang in Division vicinity looking for a good restaurant, package under the entire floor. This meal, from six in the evening, a late than eleven not over yet. The diners are within the size of the text of the East will be leader, but even so, the number is also one hundred away, visible Wendong numerous personnel, the strength of the strong. Other video indoor monitor had enough, regardless of how others urging people to drink again, he will not drink one. See all drunk fun, he smiled, got up out of they do not have action, while ignoring them. I understand, East Brother! Three then said, to identify them, to wipe it? Good! Video indoor monitor thought, they cautioned, but be careful not to offend go wrong, after all Menghu Bang Tomahawk support of the usual small gang can not be compared. East Brother, you to me!

Three grinning face, breaking off breaking fingers. Moving on down to business, video indoor monitor smile asked, Tomorrow, I will go to guitar music Island New Year, brothers who are willing to go back with me? Wendong are the backbone of the family, the basic guitar music island, home for the holiday, of course, go there. Three shook his head and said, I can not walked! East Brother is not, I will leave, nobody is responsible society. Gao Qiang, Li Shuang, recruited out with a few head, saying, we left to help three deal Menghu Bang! Zhang Yan Jiang also will that law enforcement community together to rectify the discipline, and I could not get away! Some say down, individuals have their own things to be busy. Video indoor monitor listening, shaking his head sigh, it seems, only I could go back, really all the hard work! Li Shuang scratching his hair, laughed, East Brother, you are too kind, let's who and who ah! Is not it? Everyone to hear, all ha ha smile. Video indoor monitor also laughed and said, well, my turn tonight, let us have dinner.

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