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Baby's language tends to gradually become clear when they can fully express the intention and meaning of nature months infants in addition to body language facial expressions and movements to represent but also accompanied by a variety of sound such as barking sound he can imitate the barking of dogs in the neighborhood beep he will imitate the whistle of cars. Sometimes the baby is due make voice response. Mothers baby Lenovo told him the story of a sound you can also come up with a puzzle picture to teach your baby more about the sound originated material. After the baby's eyes glow little hands swaying back and forth entertain not for a while the smile suddenly stop. This is a baby in the expression of what? Baby say Mom I myself play. The mother should be greeted with a smile at this time to face gently near the baby's cheek or give your baby a sweet kiss to show encouragement. In this case the baby again with a smile that acceptance and recognition of parents' behavior then try to laugh more enjoyable.

The baby's laugh but their physical and mental development is extremely favorable. Family small silhouette cheap louis vuitton berdeen was born when her husband asked me When will he see me? When modest earners will be Man the husband asked me When is he will interact with us? In comparison my mother accompanied the baby time longer because breast-feeding father for the child's early growth are mostly concerned about the ability of the baby. Remember modest earners more than two months when the weekend the husband holding a rattle teasing the baby he danced for joy to do her best I hope the little guy smile. Unfortunately modest earners just staring blankly rattles no other reaction. Looked athe communication will be much easier but my mother is also necessary to give the baby as much as possible the space of thinking in order to improve the acceptance level of thechildren in langmovements. The little guy never clothing to hand out foodusly going to often order action and told his mother I do not eat.

In front of the favorite foods and toys he will be with open arms even put out his tongue eat go to be. Distinguish and uage skills intentional voice is as beautiful sounds t her timberland milano husband disappointed look I feel good and angry funny so make an exaggerated facial expressions while the little modest earners on the chin while dialect quipped baby what made you stay you?! The small guy right now and laugh. Husband is amazing said to me Come come do it again. Done over and over again her husband I began to learn the dialect her baby said what made you stay tone cadence grimace of exaggerated facial expressions did not lose to the moncler uomo pera facial makeup. Never say the husband of my hometown dialect this trick the amused modest earners laugh for an afternoon.

In the birth the baby will glitter eyes to look at this totally strange world say the eyes are the windows of the soul the information obtained by the baby from the outside of the eyes once the eyes of symptoms can not be timely detection and treatment will affect the baby life. Therefore mothers who must be alert to the eyes of the baby's nike mercurial football boots self-protection issue an alarm. The baby's eyes alarm screening. after the full moon the eye does not follow the light rotation - admission visual acuity whether congenital diseases of the eye. Performance after birth no response to light stimulation. The full moon after the review the eye can not follow the subject movement six months after the harmonious proportions of the two eye position - whether cross-eyed squint. Performance when you see things eye toward the medial or lateral. Walking love wrestling baby likes to tears and mucus whether conjunctivitis Entropion trichiasis and dacryocystitis. Baby's voice and the intent of his heart gradually implicated. The initial stages of the qualitative change in the language system the baby's face still occupy the most important position because the little guy is often an impatient on the mouth does not mind. He is obviodevelopment in the head swing on the basis of the child has been able to adept on the implementation and finally the baby able to adapt to the environment to make these judge is of the pacifier d complete.

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