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After removal of the mines

He gently supra footwear screws placed in the hands of Duan Yue Peng and then turned to the other side screwed out of a same screw. He will carefully smiled and said Boss I number 123 with the pull it out. After removal of the mines He facing the ugly bright and severely reprimanded Do you even the pace of combat in the cheap nike trainers formation of 1 how to get all forgot? If you repeat such a stupid mistake where did you go back to where to go. Boss my feet just kick the finished tree is still numb so do not feel.

Said the ugly bright guilt. Then you can not be another walk in front of it? This is not your reason to go back to christian louboutin outlet blame the camel said Boss you are not going to back out? If you retreat to keep everyone's life is also something that is not a bad thing. I rely on you really anyway go you go I will not go is to die I will die in the forest at least I was dead in the road chthick wire on the screw.
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