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How to get on the train

What time mbt seemingly not listen clearly the Yan Hee said. Nothing? Got in the car, dad at home nike high heels waiting for. Yan Hee bit impatient, do not bother to explain. How to get on the train, and sat upon it? Wen mbt pointed roof, almost did the mbt Ray fainted. God, you are suffering from amnesia, how with the ancient people like you in the end there is no knowledge ah, whatever the outcome is a brilliant student of the looked around with his eyes. You on is not on, not on the do not waste time.

A elevator with glasses, to grow obese woman with the scene of an accident like mbt and mbt said loudly. We take the stairs. Yan Hee disgust and looked at the fat woman, took mbt toward the stairs, did not forget to squint stare The mbt timberland boots sale glances, I thought that little nurse see you because you are a long too handsome, or did not bother to care about you the monster of this century.

Wen Hao followed behind mbt, step by step under the stairs, looked at the trot downstairs mbt, remembered just in front. Hee hee. Wen Hao think this is quite the moncler uk intimacy, although each is the Yan Hee stare, but he was still back with a charming smile, mbt very helpless with him. Why? mbt hear down and turned and looked impatiently mbt. Just what that is what authority, that fat woman is not only not afraid, speak to us so evil. Wen Hao expression is more like a curious baby.
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