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The man suddenly opening

A figure slowly in her corner, her sight has been stuck in the that Wheaten figure, found no side suddenly out of the shadows. Yes! The man suddenly opening startled her. Mbt looked up do not know when to stand by his side, he was surprised to find he was looking, she frowned, puzzled. But why people feel very distressed? That person is not distinguished from sight. May I ask who you are? Lin declared puzzled and asked, These words are what does that mean? He looked louboutin shoes at her, will be transferred to the line of sight is a race that figure I heard that she wanted to be police?

She knew no malice in front of this man, because his face is suffused with a benignant smile. She truthfully nodded. You are her best friend, you should know why she wanted when the police? If you know, please tell me, okay? That sincere personal tone. Lin promised to declare. I school to come to you again! The man said with a smile! Want to live happily point or showing someone will feel bad! Lin declared in surprise, seeing that resolute but gentle back. Unsurprisingly, Lin Ruoxuan again won the title, the name of the sports community Nova for nothing.

Applause, she would gaze on a corner in the shade of a tree, Lin declared smiling in front of her. She suddenly startled when her laugh actually let her pain up! The man womens timberland boots such as the words appear in their school. Lin Ruoxuan saw the feeling that he kind of hit it off, at the moment, she is surprised to open-mouthed, but I do not know where surprised at. The man smiled You all are great! A big smile on her face, Yang Kai, she did not know why particularly excited to hear his praise.

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