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I do not want you to die

Mother, you drink it, you, you drink red embroidered Douzhao Shou, he just want to sugar forsythia shrub inside forsythia do The North Face not know how is the drink does not survive, syrup slipped down her mouth wet mother and daughter covered. the red embroidered throw the empty bowl in hand.
Suici the sound crisp Chad loud, listen to the people scared. they reach for the salt water, red embroidered cries out You drink it good or bad, you live ah, this world.
I have no family, no relatives, you want to live she sharp whine like a knife bar in the heart christian louboutin sale of the forsythia tears ran down the cheeks down, skinny such as tree branches pale like the left hand, holding a red embroidered hand, leaning on her shoulder embroidered children, your mother can not bear to you Mother, I do not want you to die, I do not the red embroidered desperate lying on forsythia shoulders cry, and at this moment she was finally able to appreciate the past life when she died of cancer, her relatives womens nike high how Ganchangcunduan how helpless this is a desperate weakness, obviously hand, clearly caught her, but how force are unable to retain. the forsythia strong propped clenched his daughters hand, intermittent, said Mother, then alone, you say.
See his wife like to explain the way of the last words, plum makeup and where clever broke down in tears, hide their faces out of the bedroom, the space reserved for the mother and daughter the red embroidered hugged forsythia, choking back tears, said Mother, what you have to say, daughter listening. Embroidered children.
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