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The red embroidered looked in front of the ancient people, I feel exceedingly interesting. Not think of her lifetime encounter eclipse, but also the performance of the ancient people are looking in the eyes. Man interest actually far greater t to see the solar eclipse. She is also credited in the modern times, the notice said that there will be a solar eclipse, the school will organize them on glass brush ink to be used to observe. Her year in order to participate in an embroidery game suspension for six months do not go to school, that nothing, brush ink on glass or students later said, she was at home, but dad looking for a small square cardboard box, at the bottom of the box poke a small hole.
Also indirectly learn the principle of the pinhole. When she was ten years old. Then eclipse, not that she ever seen a total solar eclipse, coupled with growing up, busy work, mood to Mens North Face see it. Not recall the past life thing has been a long, dark red embroidered eyes, now go retrospect, it has seemed that every life for so long, unknowingly, she has completely become an ancient people, accustomed sanitary napkins The no toilet day habits Dazhaimen intrigue habits around the oldfashioned boyfriend.
She even almost forget the look of my parents and grandfather. The red embroidered tightly closes his eyes, outline in nike air max shoes mind that the most important of the three relatives. Heart suddenly give birth to a kind of fear. She was really afraid that one day, the appearance of the three men in her memory fade. More theory of body she used to now, already almost forgotten what looks like her past life long. Embroidered children Mok afraid, and I am. Red embroidered with his forehead against the door frame, his thoughts still immersed in memories of the mbt shoes uk past, people have been hug a warm embrace. That people with a faint incense of drugs and become familiar with the refreshing aroma, shot from the side close to his chest, his severe wheezing and chest can feel like a Leigu heartbeat. And far. ds around his waist, the softest red embroidered heart, there seems to be touching.
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