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I wanted the son of terminal one

Within a year, Hu aunt because I wanted the son of terminal one, left the personnel, not the backbone of the the small Boa-year-old sister, also as people the tooth sub Shui to be sold I do not know what at the brothel prostitution Hall. I thought Since then, peace and harmony, the village began Naoqi ghost. Whenever louboutin shoes children a scared woman driven to distraction, and makes a calculation, but are original to spend time with those who want to burn the small Boa. Find priests, priests can not be helped.
The village people can not stand all day in fear, they have moved out. After a lapse of thirteen years, the village already a Deserted. Adobe houses grow weeds, withered green, green dry dilapidated, the thatched roof of the room, a little shabby village, filled cheap nike air max with the smell of death everywhere. The neighboring village passing, for this village's called ghost village. So that the village originally called, has no one remembers. Is this the no smoking in the ghost village, at the moment the end of the village Hu aunt originally the three Nipi room chimney has cropped up from the smoke. An unkempt the hair tangled skinny young man, is squatting Zaoqian Wang Litou Tim firewood, holding a bamboo blowing, blowing nike air trainers the fire Wang.
Covered with a wooden lid, the young man turned into the back room, watching kang that wearing a red sand gown, eyes closed, slovenly said feed you in the end is what ah. Do not think you have saved a life I, I will accept you will quickly leave you Hekou soup Hey, do not think the red eyeball will be able to scare I I evildoer spoken to have not seen a finished, young people are also some helpless, watching his rags winter wear robes summer, though nike high top trainers the the robe texture is good, can not keep out the cold ah. Coupled with his look of indifference, abjection look, he can only contact to the family members dead words above.
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