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A Restaurant Timberland For Cheap

Cheap for her clear, small head, nao nao way. Because we are very good friends, so, I can call his brother! ! The blonde girl to hear not fully understand, turned to Timberland stretched out hands, laughed. Hello, my name is plug li and. (English) Timberland courtesy and she took hold, didn't wait to speak, one side is already impatiently Timberland boots UK pull up the sleeves, quick way. Big brother, we should go. Ha ha! Timberland to plug li and QianRan smile, bye bye two women timberland boots word just say, people have been boots UK takes a bite out of.

Plug li and didn't contact with Oriental boy, how many of them some curious, and Timberland itself is fans characters, let a person look not to understand, read through, but this let plug li from the strong interest. She look at two people gradually far of figure, face flash across a disappointment.

The first impression of her Timberland is this man's eyes are very special, but also very attractive. With Timberland boots UK first in school around a circle, like scarpe timberland a small tour guide, a short while pointed the floor, told him this is the library, a short while and pointed at the building, gymnasium. Timberland for these interest is not big, but in his face, is full of gentle smile, as if really seriously listen to the interpretation of boots UK. The five elements in them with brother behind, it's not far and near, distance interval just pour advantage, namely not bother to two people, also won't happen suddenly event in the rescue. Two people timberland sale went shopping for an hour, it still boots UK tired, only the school go a ballpark.

There are many restaurants near the school, boots UK are very familiar with him to a Chinese restaurant. The restaurant's environment is pretty good, though not high, but it is quiet and tastefully laid out and clean, let a person comfortable. A restaurant waiter is more Chinese students study in the UK, age is not large, seems to boots UK often patronage is here, and they are familiar with each other timberland shoes.

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