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Chinese Tunic Timberland Boots UK

Timberland boots UK for the hardships, finally hao to shout hot. It is time for main summer, hot weather, hao to shout hot close to the desert, is hot like fire under general. By YuHaoLai shout hot area is relatively backward, no railway, more impassability plane, Timberland, only by gas car. The body in the car, even if the open air conditioning, still can let a person feel nausea, chest tributary sweat.

ChenBaiCheng in the text will be an identity is also quite high, and Timberland sat with a car, his side with a handkerchief to wipe timberland donna the sweat from his forehead edge grunted in a low voice. Grandma, what is this damn place! He sat in the copilot seat, and looked up through the mirror steal a glance at the latter although Timberland, dressed in a dark Chinese tunic suit, on the face but don't see a sweat mark, right now is to hold one's breath sit up, in repose with eyes closed. Chen the true want to ask Timberland, why don't you hot, unfortunately, he didn't dare.

Drive gold eye heard his grumble, turned to see timberland milano his one eye, laughed. Brothers, as for so hot? In ChenBaiCheng eyes, golden eyes just a Timberland side bodyguard, don't put him in the heart, lazy answer him, discontentedly asked. Can't you keep the air conditioner up again? Golden eye to his attitude without care, refers to the air conditioning regulator, shrugged and said. This is the biggest. ChenBaiCheng gasping for breath, curse word. Damned broken car! Along the way, thickly rare, into the timberland boots sale.

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